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The Child Thief

The Child Thief - Brom World building is where this novel is at its strongest. It was very atmospheric, and the descriptions of Avalon were beautiful and captivating.

I didn't love this novel for a few reasons:
- The novel just felt gory for the sake of being gory, and I frequently skimmed through the long action scenes.
- The ending felt really abrupt and unsatisfying.
- I also didn't find the novel's characterization of women to be very kind (lots of unflattering physical descriptions of older women's breasts, for example). It was almost enough at the beginning that I abandoned the novel altogether.

I'm glad I stuck it out, because some of the characters were really intriguing. Sekeu, the witch and her children, Cricket, and Lady Modron were standouts. I find it really interesting that the best characters were women and girls, and at the same time the writing is incredibly harsh towards mortal women in the real world. Not sure what that means.

And while I found this novel a bit too gory for my tastes, I appreciated the way that it stripped Peter Pan down from its lyrical prose and exposed the darkness underneath.