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Fool Moon - Jim Butcher 2.5 stars, rounded up.

This is a werewolf novel, with many types of werewolves. There are Hexenwulfs, lycanthropes, loup-garous, and others that I don't remember. Personally, I wish that Butcher had just stuck with the loup-garou. That thing was fantastic. It was a muscly, wolf-like thing that, unless trapped within a protective spell, could tear through towns like the plague. As Bob, Harry's potion-instructing-soul-guide-thing says:

"Usually, the poor cursed bastard knows enough to shut himself away somewhere, or to head out into the wilderness. The last major loup-garou rampage happened around Gevaudan, France, back in the sixteenth century. More than two hundred people were killed in a little more than a year."

I loved it. Pure, unadulterated, terrifying monster fun. With fur and claws.
Unfortunately, the loup-garou was the only thing that I really enjoyed about the plot.

Harry Dresden is beginning to grate on my nerves. He calls himself old-fashioned and chivalrous, but he is not. There is something that needs to be clarified here: chivalry is not chauvinism. They are not the same thing. It is not courteous to refuse women the right to protect themselves. Dresden believes that he has to save every one of them. That, and many of them are hyper-sexualized to the point where they have no personalities. This is especially true for Agent Deborah Benn, of the FBI. She's always ripping clothes off or gyrating against someone. Then she's called a bitch afterwards. Many, many times, in fact.

Tera has a similar fate, unfortunately. In a scene so absurd I actually laughed out loud, Tera takes off all her clothes and dances in the rain as a distraction from the police while Dresden goes into his apartment for some supplies. I kind of noticed this pattern in Storm Front, but it was small enough that I just ignored it. In Fool Moon, however, the pattern was impossible to ignore. Gyrating women dancing naked in the streets? Really?

Three stars for loup-garou only.