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The 5th Wave - Rick Yancey 3.5 stars, rounded up.

I really like post-apocalypic fiction. Rubble flies everywhere, and people find themselves in a strangely quiet place where they don't know where they belong. It hits a little too close to home when I look at the world around me and wonder where we are headed.

The apocalyptic scenes of the first four waves is where Yancey's writing soars. They are suspenseful, frightening and vivid. I didn't care very much for the protagonist Cassie, or the writing style, but it hardly mattered while the world was crashing down.

Then the second half of the book happened. It was filled with military training drills, nicknames, guns and explosions. Cassie's little brother Sammy became Nugget, Ben became Zombie, and more flat military characters were introduced named Dumbo, Ringer, Teacup and Poundcake.

What happened to the burning cities and social unrest? What about the intrigue about extra-terrestrial life?

This novel serves as a good example of what irritates me about a lot of sci-fi. While I care about the characters involved in the story, I am more interested in the actual alien invasion. The why and how. Where did the aliens come from? What is the true reason of the invasion? What are they actually like? I wish that the mothership was more than just a symbol of the alien invasion that people occasionally see in orbit. I wanted details.

My 4-star rating is for the first half, I guess.