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Hopeless - Colleen Hoover With this book, I am now boarding the .gif train. That's right, simple words cannot convey my distaste. Read it, they said! Beautiful, heart-warming romance, they said!
I am so frustrated right now. Why is this book so popular? With over 100,000 ratings and an average of 4.45 stars, I thought that I was going to be immersing myself into a nice, warm, and fuzzy YA romance that I would be giddy about. No.

It starts okay. There is a lot of slut shaming and contradictory views on what being a slut means, but at least Sky Davis is a fairly likeable character that speaks her mind and is fiercely independent. That all changes when Dean Holder is introduced. Sky's character is pretty much destroyed upon his arrival.
Dean Holder is a verbally abusive stalker. The first time she meets him, he glares at her in a grocery store, follows her outside to her car, and demands her name. Then he demands to see her driver's license. Sky then drives away, but not before seeing Holder punch someone else's car. What a swoon-worthy introduction! Oh, but it gets better. Apparently in the two seconds that he saw her driver's license, he memorized all of her personal information, including her address and date of birth. He stalks her on her morning run, and despite her attempted avoidance, he still keeps following her around. He comes to her house, and even though she asks him to leave more than once, he brushes it off and lays on her bed.
The frustrating thing about it is that she knows that it is creepy. She thinks it multiple times.
Despite the obvious warnings, they start seeing each other, but casually, as his mood swings prevent an emotional bond from being established right away. Just to keep Sky's "ego from inflating", he sends her insulting texts every day. Meanwhile, Sky's best friend Six (Well, her name is actually Seven, but she's rebellious), sends her loving texts every day. But Sky is irritated with them. It's like she wants Holder to insult her. She seems a little masochistic in the way she attempts to hold on to the toxic relationship. He breaks into her room at night to cuddle her, stalks her locker, and is content to stare at her from across the cafeteria.
But don't worry, we'll just brush all of his crazy psychopathic behaviour under the term "passionate," and then all of a sudden all those things will seem sexy and endearing! Seriously, this is when I turned my e-reader off: "The intensity he conveys isn’t unnerving…it’s beautiful."
I worry for the people who are in love with fictional Dean Holder. This kind of relationship is simply not okay. I got to the halfway mark and abandoned this novel. The only thing that kept me reading was the curiosity of what other people really liked about it. But unfortunately, it was just a tale about an unhealthy relationship. That would be one thing, if the novel was supposed to be about an unhealthy relationship. But it's a love story. And that worries me.

So in short, there was almost nothing that I enjoyed about this book. There were some okay romance scenes, but they were so marred by the strange relationship that I wasn't drawn in. I was repulsed.